This tribute to the Bauhaus 100 years anniversary is an independent proposal and is not linked to the official program of the school centenary occuring in Berlin during 2019.
It is exclusively recognizement from brazilian designers and artists over the achievements of Bauhaus.


This is a non-commercial project with no remuneration for it's organizer or participants.


The project will use its own or sponsored resources to remain active.


The posters intellectual property remain to its authors and its use by the organizers is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.


Is reserved to the organizers any kind of use of the participants images to promote, as social media, print, news, blogs and others, always with due credit.


The project organizers can and and will use the posters for undetermined time, having its right to remove or keep the page for the we judge necessary.


The participation is voluntary, with no remuneration paid to its participants.


Each participant is responsible for the rights of any kind of material used by them, as well as typography licenses.


The organizers can decide if the posters sent will be featured on the site, with no previous warning.


On any complaint about plagiarism or right of use, the respective poster will be banned and removed from the project, until everything is resolved between accuser and author, as cited on the 7th item, with the possibility of your entry being credited to its original author.


The posters will be shown by entry order.


There will be 100 posters, if exceeded the remaining will be published on our social media.


Every participant have the right to no entry only.


Only brazilian or nationalized authors can participate on this project.


1. The posters may have some kind of influence or reference to the Bauhaus school.

2. File size should not exceed 1mb

3. Free technique

4. File format: RGB 72DPI .jpg .png .gif

5. If possible keep a high resolution with
you, the project may be extended to
other formats (It's good to dream).